Pressure Cooker 6-19-17

Monday, June 19th


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Anybody until I'm ninety rocky times KKR do you dot net. You're listening to the rob anybody may have gone sure. 990. For a warrantless. And radio guys. This email already ran radio con conference to learn. They say in the subject line. I'm I'm I'm a Muslim world war. I found. Thank you rob for whistling yourself off the air. Paul reuniting you know not only wasn't hilarious it was also for a piano was a terribly not so. Other names of these days and the typical of fast money. Of course I'm far more generous man Steve Harvey got your questions are harder. Even yeah yeah. Watched them if you're always in my father wants them. First of all you more time thirty seconds plus my. Questions which were just in few live on the radio. Vocal exercises are more difficult. Because Steve Harvey is not given away is. Money Larry oh really yeah really who is that I wrote it 800 dollar check to the I don't know who is the winner from Friday really good real good and it's in the mail that does then yeah. This. Post those hundred on good day. Rolls over that's the jackpot builds but since we got a winner on Friday were in a hundred dollars right now. Tribune people gather know it or you don't need a great. Thirty seconds coloring used coding your morning Cody. From ordinary guy OK fine. Hey tired here's Ellis works Cody your timing will begin when I finish reading the first question now that one any a the way and I don't mean well but it's true false ID fifty. Game and then after that you really pentium four right in the following thirty seconds to get five right. Still with me program yeah okay got it now you can. I'm not with myself up about your current. Now you can pass as many questions as you want and of course and it goes through a mug and shoot your time and tell you there's no right or wrong it. But do you. Well when we're done people we will go back. And we will go through each question and we will tell you what was right and what was wrong animal and there's gorge the isn't hurt you know do you will Brandon whom I mean it's argued but to all these people like Don who doubt the and a check out do you write them back and her. And if he ever right is it pains remembered Cody and you have a very good for us and so they use K and into the banks and then you say no payment. I take things as your answered any questions. Are we don't show up. I guess her eyes because I think true or false as of today it is now some are. In what country it was actress how. Very warm. Okay. Fast. Name the Major League Baseball team that plays and Seattle. Sorry Eric I. The real housewives of the Potomac is that what Americans states. California are. Let's see if my god and. I'm sorry I'm not even try and this guy. Hole were all. So for those who viewed it that. You are listening in sound like we've come a mall for and he cursed so we had to come off part of it but we only actually got four question you know at some time or really any need sky is bright so hurt. What do we think it'll work. We only have a good core question. Hey let's think you can never. Juror Paulson is now summer he said true it's. Wrong it feels like it is still spring and summer begins the 21 third tomorrow. What usually it's only Tuesday that's why I'm pune my calendar says twenty virtual pool okay well it's still not summer. My my Google homeowner said it was to your Google. Barely Google is right because summer Tony seventeen to north into seventeen in Northern Hemisphere will begin on Tuesday June 20 close. This calendar. The way it's not now. Around even though data in a where you're listening it's about a 180 degrees. Asked on the next one which seemed like okay whatever just name a country in what country was at. Actress holly Barry born and Erika de snowing here right name a country I say I'm may United States America Germany Germany Canada. God born in was America I'm born in Cleveland Ohio Cleveland rocks. Many past on this one Roubini is not a man the name the Major League Baseball team that plays in Seattle mariner earners. Sorry Tess. Yes and and I am out again and our high. The real housewives of the Potomac is that what American state he said California. Washington and Maryland oh. Why should mayors and ask you which one is it's and so I I I depending on it didn't matter or not I would have taken a variety of answers because my. Pour my fiance introduced me to the show. What does unless you guys did. It didn't know it it's been tape and I told her watch it without me because it's awful they know it's a great let's show the real housewives. I have not heard from Andy is there is a natural talent at Merrill and called Potomac and that's words based but the show. Covers Maryland Washington DC and Virginia to Virginia I really would have taken any of them up and battered by a dinner because he's an idiot. Because and yeah nine. Constantin. And they're trying to. Seeing. Are we doing here. We will add another hundred dollars in the jackpot Campbell try again tomorrow with it even easier questions if it's possible to own the pressure they're 200 dollars are.