Pressure Cooker 8-11-17

Friday, August 11th


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No warranty ran radio. Funny video doctor rob letters one of the most about the points for euros compared to five years and now as white ones Disney's I want it I just wanted to it's not an unauthorized. A house says 23 is still really young age thing about having kids then my uncles leg drop fifty years old. He's not fifty or you might as well be I'm forty fine Albert basically 5050 years old married to a 26 year old and they are just now having twins. Really that is the beauty of being a man and you can wait as long as I want the. Yeah. Days and we feel they call it less money course I'm far more generous than that knows Steve Garvey your questions are harder. Yeah. I give you more time thirty seconds plus my questions which were just in June blood on the radio gurus are designed. Frederick Lacey is a denim or astronomy lesson I go through without reading them first on any idiot in the fourth and my mom. And I do know lucky one I think a fourth grader should know that type of geography third one men's and women's and okay fourth one that's tougher fourth grader but not a regular person. The end of his another thing on six I don't see it doesn't matter we don't have a fourth grader on the line. Yeah I get five right thirty seconds if you do. You wouldn't dare general missions against the aftershocks festival. They want which is Saturday October 21 discovery park in Sacramento California Nine Inch Nails perfect circle runs jewels stone sour Eagles of death metal and so many more culinary scene is Kevin good morning Kevin. Margaret Carlo given them. Larry. I have been every guy who has deep voice we asked the other big thing he. How about a month unless this is normal we. If not we'll probably means it's enormously and I being tied. I'm. How it works Kevin your title and when I finish reading the first question that one is a Guinea. Meaning you really only ideas for right now following thirty seconds in order to win your ticket you can pass as many questions as you want. As we go through them I'm not gonna tell you in the moment whether you're right or wrong obviously when we're done food and we're gonna go back and slowly come. Harry Reid questioned. And tell her when the answers. Came along at home you know the bottom right or wrong and also you know where I'm standing anyone that. The roots there first I don't know mean rude and my name is Jim Taylor swift's special give us a fierce testimony clean and we touched him but. Mean. Remember Kevin and safety First Lady say is that you say fifty and you say 26 is a tendency as your answered any questions. Are. All right at. True or false ice is frozen water. Or in what Americans state is Las Vegas. There are in basketball how many points is a free throw words. Her. What console superstars hits include friends in low places. Heidi is celebrated on the fourteenth day of one month. Courage. Well most of The Daily Show before Jon Stewart. Our club members of the winner of the Indy yes and Indy 500 traditionally dress. Actor and pilot starred in the 1994 movie pulp fiction. What I was actually did you get that last from what I stumbled over the Indy 500 it is it is not a matter all the shots I I appreciate you confirming that. I'm in hard times and hanging question we. Believe me now are good and true or false ice is frozen water he said drew. I saw. I love IC in what American state is Las Vegas he said no matter. And it kind of fell apart from the in basketball how many points is a free throw worse he said braves. So many grunts and realizing that's wrong the 11 point for every free thrown 024. I took on an island just a basket a regular guy. Inside the three point line it any basket inside the three point line inside DAS. But it didn't cheat you get outside the three point line is obviously a three point shot. Did you just freaked out and report. This and I told you that's a yes that's a that's a major part I'm thinking let's truly has turned out for the first time. You look at it and make a whole yes I got. Because yeah he passed on this one what country superstars hits include friends in low places. Are. It was a big big big big big one that launched any Andrea myriad that was the one and that's one pie day. I. And it's celebrated on the fourteenth day of what Monty said PM February. Myers should march into pi day not PI EL OIRA TI. Three point 14314. March 14 despite it's a nerd that's seriously. Hey you read what you no I'm not know checking her birthday. Yeah it's also so. Our feet and Smart switches after Valentine's Day about a month and our guys yes march is supposed to be in the state can oral favors. Our man. That's unique every daily. He passed on is this a tough one the other noted you know he passed on this one who most of The Daily Show before Jon Stewart. Towards Jon Stewart and for seventeen years now that horrible trip. Was it anyway it was almost dead before Jon Stewart dale Bert Miller and own all the media is. And a million pounds of what he was from ESPN actually was Craig killed well. He was awful. Come and why John to replace him he also passed on the question the dawn was so nice to confirm I stumbled all over. Yeah this time how what beverage does the winner of the Indy 500 traditionally drink. Elderly older isn't everything around milk that's the 10. Indianapolis big hurdle. To. And that's where it is now finally the sun has not only 500 and the assets Indiana I don't know if they do I'm killing cast serious error. And what actor and pilot started in 1994 movie pulp fiction he did say John tomorrow. And that gave a lot of the why you. Constantin. We will love put the zillions of Wang and no one there. A chance for you to win at. So I think yeah. And Monday morning's pressure.