Top 4-20 snacks

Thursday, April 20th


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Anybody and dawn my 98 rock. And dawn. James he says probably. A birthday shout out for my mother the Ford twenty maybe. Her name is and Nancy and today she is igniting the year's gone. And here you have. Look at that. Are there are there common mode on FaceBook. After we did the pressure cooker there are forced when he thinks it is a in our Stoner caller got seven and a sevenths. We won the questions was what's the first state to fully legalize it recreational marijuana and the answer is Colorado where he is and and I made a little wisecracks about Bill O'Reilly has been on his high horse aggression. Don't have a horse anymore I. About how always ruins the city Colorado we'll start on wall that's not. Doesn't jive there I think we've seen so it's essentially how you get Eric is different perspectives and and different on information sources. And Connie wrote rob. Colorado really isn't masks but due to legalization please ask your law enforcement friends for the and so it's quite disturbing us. Com all the is more research but I will I will say that and I haven't I haven't really spent a lot of time on it. Blocked. No one of my best friends in the world has a brother who lives in Colorado. His son so my friends and asking us. He noted us. What is the contender. No father. And only he works in the city and Denver OK. He's. Park ranger himself. We are as there is always interesting were we get our our information from pitino and here's the thing. Here's the thing that people are going to hear. So lacked. Did you know it's it's called freedom. And Colorado isn't so states that will confuse the hell audio. Because they will legalize pot and they still want you had your guns I mean it is still I don't know it's just one of those who they honestly I. And and I I don't know if I hit it completely actor and I say this because there's probably just a few others. Today is closer. To how we're supposed to be. And it just kind of live let live what ever folks BA so low here pie and a heavier guns came into. And go to church or don't go any of the just very like that little clip and it's like. If there's a crime happening because of some of that oh well I'd rather have freedom. Politically speaking did you know it did its the people that legalize marijuana are not the ones who once you have your guns and it's in traditionally speaking. And Colorado is what we called purple state like Nevada is it's very dismissive and they're fighting over who gets control less state and that's generally the best way to live in America. When it gets 5149. An entire back and forth and that's how most of the but unfortunately has only nine states like that yeah. Are eager. Our country and it is ports one which is the on a holiday while our season's unofficial so of course they food delivery service. Analyzed their orders from last year on forge one. To figure out the most popular snacks that people or an act. Don't get ahead of me or re not a guessing and and this is this is a food delivery service so it leaves an old they they delivers more so nasty stuff. I'll acknowledge pizza when she since you mention okay I'm sure sure of dominos. Not that App Store I can't even in those points. Well the tipping point is that one of McCain's days as many different food delivery IRS one. What does that my friends' houses you just insurgents and Colin is one of her apps and it just seeing him and I'm not every race every restaurant within. Close to your fared as a matter they'll go and get your food Maria Jesus not satellite back. No because that's that in the end brands right those are and every city now those are restaurants this is quite food you get from the grocery store. They will deliver the in the. When I lived in the sack proper. Downtown park there was a company called cookies and milk and you could feel it yet milk are. Yeah fresh baked cookies and milk delivered right to your friends are this is this is the. Assure folks. When it Amazon prime and everything else lead the way to where you don't have to leave your homes or anything in an Amazon prime the increase on these other new business and yeah I know that there is. Is this a great there's this girl who was going into the university of Texas whenever there in Austin. And that's what she started doing she started delivering a warm chocolate chip cookies and milk to people dorms and people college. And then it turned into a delivery to people's houses and now literally. If you go hole into that part of Texas now she is brick and mortars like February traditionally delivery. Her students she dropped out of college because oh my god like everywhere now Gallagher I think she's spending all over I'd get a delivery of the kids is legal. Told me I. So this is the list in this and they the company said this is that this list is totally different than a normal day. They do see it change unforced when he what their ascent and Brandon your residents. So you let me tell me because I'm not make him go now all the de LO RS I in no particular order the most popular snacks today are Ben and Jerry's half baked ice pretty well yeah. And so that's so stereotypical all I mean it's going to be half dates for. I'm happy I came I I it's going to be easy America own dream that's the best Ben and Jerry's flavor of all time I didn't make the list at all. Sour patch kids now I yeah. Swedish fish in there than there had to have. Out she's able PLO. Jesus. There is for those girls the other eighteen million higher than the height it was either cheese isn't she's passed. That was divided and the house and I was that she's got gummy bears. I can't yell yeah. I have those remembered nerds yeah go Danny did. You know about nerds broke it's I know her as a regular curry should lunar czar Ed yes. That's a dollar and now yeah so good candidate brochure and go to your bank. And dinners and I could I love the door and were not okay so I want to be fair and not necessarily like licorice like Bradley grinch. It's just like them I'm really yummy rope or Elijah like just like a fruit roll type of on the rope swing from within. Not he's in better and I did all my guy. I'd so dawn said she's insert or she's he's lost she knows a seven CIC does a great. Most popular things order today. By and food delivery company Reese's peanut butter cups. Arson got to the scene and I had on women and men and Jerry's happy may. The only other Ben and Jerry's flavor that made the list of well. Now just to know. Only. And they. Not your stone though you want and frees me in there. I want them here clone all. And today and throughout does tell me I. I'm dying his hair now two things I will jail I was her smoking cigarettes and starting higher than height and the holiday I don't have to die. Lacking hot. Like now smoking by. I don't live life when I saw my ID comments all I mean I'm native I I didn't go to work against her it was not a loser I worked every day inning or two or three jobs that time but I. I would I'm sorry I would not between this just. Correct me wrong not to let me show you on the and I'm not possible. And if I'm wrong you haven't tried on a long time plus I did the last time I tried pie line is some intricate. I don't. Yeah 2000. And. Home sales estimate is an al-Qaeda. Come along way though even then that's fine. Well strains in the strengths are now yes and no I honestly believe it. And proposed 2000 and what does this week we've we've really come a long way then I. And potency is gone. But there's there's there's a limit though this is that 110 place that idea last time there's a friend of mine made brownies with the but there are brand helping. Oh yeah you often amateurs and we continue to smash. That's terrible because it doesn't matter how you're gonna look at the house talking Marino hello up that it's a 2010 and it was the butter currently. In the brownies and I was back that the heck is going on here that can vary because you can you can make Bonner and home dates stronger than what you do in the dispensaries so dispensaries might have higher content but then the whole main stuff can always be high I. It was a regulation there. Almost positive I'm not sure that this person got it from you front and it did a year and it was what it Easter is Dayton what they want. Lies what had it was a package store was at home made. Because that particular person I've had a lot of marijuana animals made for that person by meet. So well all I know is I don't know how was I I thought. And I made a very strong okay never saw the batter umpire I just was told that that's where the marijuana was okay. That are coming up and I just ain't gonna be in them. Just person in the bed and I'm like oh my god this is flight what have they done this stuff one of our fault. Pretty crazy it was still fine for Obama but Dan that I had you thought you couldn't function now. I knew it it's like okay this is my wants and blue moon hello Wendy go ahead. I am. Irish south Lake Tahoe and my twenty year old daughter and her friend Kevin I need eco which can cause bear. Celebration their schedules are being in touch. I was wondering if I hit it Arabs. You're wondering why you and I know gotten in and out do you wonder why I'm sorry Celtic and I would wonder if you are. Nice Kristen is the issue is she asking and so in my my understanding and Kristen talked her off the air can bomb that she's she's been invited by her daughter's her daughter and friends. To go to some forge one you festivities is she asking for advice. She is just asking for life you know what should I do there are word maybe it isn't worth going to with her daughter I mean I think she was just asking a general question and. Mean time quality time in your daughter you don't have to partake great and you know but I mean if you if you are one of those parents then there is OK with smoking with your legal children. Since. They make citizens. She's sixteen she's finally. Yeah daughter's twenty Angel is it's. I mean don't days this is there's something that you don't necessarily agree with Don do and I mean kind of dumb question OK okay and normal man question is I'm not part of this whole lifestyles of these sports when he festivities in south Lake Tahoe I'm in south Lake Tahoe is in California. I don't want my niece is going to be able recreational use of marijuana has not fully legalize like isn't Colorado so is there pot smoking millions and under the radar in the costly he alone. I mean yeah I mean it. When one when you go to these certain parties and and most pot smokers old Greenwood says if you go somewhere just to enjoy the Ford twenty festivities. Stay there I'm not going out here I don't drive theater he's stuck to a couch and gonna be watching though that movies are. These ideas what are you doing. I mean if you hate me if you're gonna leave like that. And TD for this thing really need all parts eighth but I. I mean I don't really understand the question if you are one who part takes in the wants to join in the festivities with your daughter. And that he does a great bonding experience if you guys can both agree our. That type of what side. I mean have you ever even smoke pot before for waste your time a tiny bit like just in general resulted because you know just. No it's real strongly he's going to be quite different in this anti let them know watch you because you don't know how you might react. I spy and a helpful piece of advice is actually more related to your daughter daughter's twenty. So she's going to be a milestone make sure she lays off the munchies or should get off that he said.