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Stroke: Stroke Mastro is a veteran and award winning radio personality. He began his career in 2004 in Florida where he remained until his start on 98 Rock. Many people think "Stroke" is some made up radio name. It's his legal name. He's won many bets proving it. He's also got one insane story to explain the meaning behind it. He's from Florida and his name is Stroke. Sacramento's afternoons will never be the same.

Mikey: Writing a bio is weird. So I asked everyone I know to say one word that best describes me. Here’s that list…

“I don’t have time for this.”

And there you have it. Listen to me weekdays from 3 – 7

Just kidding……

I’m from Cleveland and I love it. Yes it’s kind of a dumpy little city but it’s gotten better and continues to get better so f*ck off.

I was 7 when I realized I wanted to be on the radio. Worst decision of my life.

I’ve worked In Cleveland, Boston, NYC and Sac.  Sacramento is my favorite.  No seriously I really do love it here, there’s nothing better than walking outside and literally cooking yourself.

I like old scotch, smelly weed, artistic tattoos and good music. Politics are my sports and I’m an equal opportunity offender. I never get enough sleep yet I can sleep anywhere. I work too much, read too much and think too much. 

If we ever meet, I’m not really pissed off… that’s just my face.

Ian: Ian's moral compass doesn't exactly point. He can be found on any dating website that exists or any bar with an open sign on. He’s not afraid of a challenge or making a fool out of himself. He also doesn't handle money very responsibly either, preferring to spend it on alcohol and rides home. Coming all the way from Panama City Florida, Ian likes to spend his time out in bars, amusement and water parks, any rock and roll or standup comedy show he can get tickets to, and looking for the next adventure.