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Joe's Jr. (Little Peanut 8 weeks)

Our Peanut 8 Weeks


02/26/2010 12:35PM
Joe's Jr. (Little Peanut 8 weeks)
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02/26/2010 7:15PM
Joe congrats man i happy for you bro i think you'll make a great dad
02/26/2010 2:03PM
Joe, Congrats to you and your wife!! Looking at this pic brings me back to when I was pregnant with my daughter, she'll be 1 next month. Enjoy every moment you have. Your baby is a blessing! :)
02/26/2010 2:40PM
I don't know man, looks a little bit like Dog Face.
02/26/2010 4:28PM
I love what you just said about the pre-testing of your baby. Like you, weither the baby was bound to be down syndrome or have some kind of handicap, it's still a baby. Regardless, it's a part of you. Love comes in many packages. You rock! I have a sister that's handicap and I couldn't imaging a day without her in my life. She's my joy.
03/03/2010 6:27AM
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