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My Wife's Belly At 19 Weeks


05/12/2010 1:15PM
My Wife's Belly At 19 Weeks
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05/13/2010 2:26PM
Cindy Marler
Congrats on the baby boy!!! They're so much fun. Just remember when you're changing his diaper, when the air hits it, they pee!!! DUCK!! I have two boys of my own. I know this from experience! Good Luck!!!
05/15/2010 7:31PM
Rachel Borton
Hey Joe! I listen to u guys every-day Congrats on ur baby-boy! Good Luck! I hope evey-thing works out good with you and your wife! Take Care! Luvs............. ~ Rachel
05/16/2010 3:44AM
Congrats! It's cute, but I'm not sure your wife is going to want you measuring once she gets passed 30 weeks. I'm a new mother (6 month old girl) and it's scary how far your stomach stretches. If you haven't already, buy one of those pillows that has arms and back support, you can't toss and turn plus I had terrible heartburn and had to sleep sitting up the last 3 months.
06/02/2010 4:19AM
Congrats on your baby boy, so excited for you and your wife! I love hearing how excited you are about your baby, your gonna be a great dad!! You guys have to do a 4D ultrasound we just had ours done and it was amazing. Im due 8/8/10 with a baby girl. Well congrats again and take care!
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