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Respect My Meat

Try this Tip: Take one quarter (1/4) of a red onion (bigger the better) 5 large skinned garlic cloves 1 TEASPOON of black ground pepper 1 TEASPOON of salt, sea or otherwise (or substitute with 2 TABLESPOONS of favorite seasoning) 2 TABLESPOONS of Worcestshire sauce 1 TABLESPOON Teriyaki sauce 1 TABLESPOON olive oil Half cup (1/2) of Burgundy wine (or other cooking Red) 1 big squirt of yellow mustard (2 TABLESPOONS of stone ground works best) Combine ALL ingredients in to blender. Blend on high to puree, forming a thin paste that is pourable. Take your UNTRIMMED tri tip and poke holes with pitchfork or knife. YES! poke holes. I don't care what any chef says, it does not waste the meat's natural juices. And if it does, you're replacing it with new one's!!! Place tri tip in LARGE zip-lock and pour in ALL of the marinade. Remove all air and knead with hands. Toss it in the refer for atleast 6 hours. No more than 10! Before cooking; let the tip rest/age with baggy open on counter for ATLEAST 2 hours! ALWAYS SLICE YOUR COOKED TRI TIP LONG WAYS. SLICE THE LENGTH - NOT THE WIDTH! It's one of the most common serving mistakes in the world of tri tip. Long slices make for a more tender bite. Don't question it - just DO IT! Get piss-your-pants drunk and have a Happy Memorial Day! TDFB


05/21/2010 7:52AM
Respect My Meat
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