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Joe's Tree


12/08/2010 11:53AM
Joe's Tree
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12/09/2010 9:37AM
Your tree is by far the best. The train ALWAYS makes the tree. Oh,,,and Dogs tree really doesnt count because its NOT A REAL TREE. Dog has a Christmas Plastic thingamajig. Instant disqualification.
12/09/2010 12:24PM
Joe, sorry, your tree is seriously lacking something. Ghetto and poor. You pick it up at Safeway or S-Mart for $20?
12/11/2010 3:16AM
joe the tree rocks awesome dude.
12/13/2010 11:52AM
I love real trees!! We don't live in a perfect world...who needs a perfect tree??? Beautiful!
12/13/2010 5:50PM
Love your tree Joe, it has lots of character. Those are the best kind of Christmas trees. Last year we had 3 trees tied together to make one tree. You couldn't even tell. All that matters is that they look good when they are all decorated. Love Gravedigger's train.
12/19/2010 9:43AM
my tree looks like yours not crooked but looks like it is i like the natural look not fake i bet dog likes fake breast too.
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